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JMS Yachting and Careers

Updated: May 25, 2023

A nice meeting with Rachel Fisher from JMS Yachting which led to a sustainability discussion.

It was interesting and nice to see how they are considering this aspect of yachting as couple of others as well.

You can take a look at our exchanges here:

Here's what they have to say about us:


Very excited to have met Camille Lopez, at only 24 years old with great plans in store for the future and the environment. After 2 years and a half of automotive industry experience, she has decided to switch for a greener career in the marine energy transition. She just finished her master’s degree in international management at the International University of Monaco.

Would you know where to start in terms of building or converting your yacht into an eco-friendlier operation?

Camille has recently started up a company called HY-Plug to empower the yachting industry by offering consulting and market studies regarding green hydrogen and electricity in the marine environment. A service concept which was awarded by the The Mark Challenge and winner of the MOPC (Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge).

If you are considering reducing your impact on the marine environment, there are many aspects to consider such as:

👉 regulations within ports

👉 risks of transport as hydrogen is highly flammable

👉 calculations of space and load

👉 fuel cells

👉 hydrogen engines

👉 batteries packs

👉 generators

👉 technical studies

What can be done to keep the same efficiency with a durable technology?

Some conversions can be quite costly, yet the key here is to outweigh the opportunity cost, based on the monetary and environmental long-term result.

Still in the early days of hydrogen, yet a great start in knowing which options are available to plan ahead.

Camille is an advocate in the green energy transition and passionate about studying solutions and talk with others on how to preserve our oceans from the boat’s pollution."

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