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Updated: May 25, 2023

HY-Plug makes sense when you know its origins ⚓️

Discover the story ⬇️ (Content in French only)

"A visionary Six-Fournaise, committed to the environment!

At only 24 years old, Camille Lopez has created a new concept and launched her consulting firm: HY-Plug. She already has the look of a young entrepreneur, but not only. With her diplomas in hand, she is putting her skills and nerve to work to protect the seas and oceans with a very specific idea: to help yachting sail "cleaner" thanks to new sustainable technologies and new generation green fuels. A "French touch" already appreciated internationally.

An idea that comes from afar...

A rider since she was young, Camille has been riding her horse in the hills of Six-Fours for many years, contemplating the sea view in the distance. Over the years, she noticed a layer of pollution more and more present on the surface of the water, the trigger for her ideas. If the degradation goes so fast over the last few years, what will happen in the future?

"I wanted to put my professional skills at the service of the environment."

At the beginning of her career, it was the automotive industry sector that pushed Camille to perform in sales, marketing and especially technical know-how. She had a series of experiences and was soon offered more and more responsibilities by a major automobile brand. Distribution, supply, sales department, she develops her skills directly with customers and dealerships. Passionate about motorsports and mechanics, she participates in races on weekends: hands in the grease, that's part of her life!

"This love for mechanics gave me the desire to pursue my ideas,

and to transcribe it into yachting".

Gifted, Camille does not see herself leaving her region which is so dear to her. The brands promise her a career path but... elsewhere. How to blossom in her favorite field without saying goodbye to her South. The answer was found: "What also has engines? Boats. His feet in the water since birth and the habit of being at sea since childhood on his father's boat at Le Brusc, coupled with his growing sensitivity for the environment, his Master's degree obtained in Monaco where there are a string of yachts ... Everything becomes clear, like the car industry, the nautical market meets the same challenge: the energy transition. Advice and support: two essential elements that led Camille to create HY-Plug. She positions her brand as the ideal partner in the deployment of sustainable solutions. The challenge, the surpassing of oneself and the techniques of research of hyper personalized information are skills

Camille puts at the service of her clients. Her company is now a network of more than 150 experts and suppliers managed by this young go-getter who has taken on a major environmental challenge that reflects her ambitions!

"To be a link between the different actors to preserve the seas and oceans

and oceans".

The goal: to contribute to the maritime energy transition with a tailor-made project. It is not a technology or an energy that is sold to the customers but an accompaniment to find the most adapted solution, eco-responsible and luxury is possible! HY-Plug's mission is to contribute to this transition and to change the way ships are powered in order to reduce the impact on the environment and biodiversity.

An Awarded Concept

- Two awards (YachtingAward and SustainabalityAward) at the Mark Challenge

2021 in Monaco, combining luxury, environment and a lucrative business model.

- Participation in the incubation program Yachting Ventures won by the


- Winner of the 2021 edition of the Monaco Oceanographic Protection Challenge, category 1 student. A fine representation of the company's commitment to environmental preservation market transformation.

- Selected to join the cross-border acceleration program cross-border acceleration program Marritimo Tech +. This program is organized by the CCIs of the South-East, Corsica and Italy for 5 weeks with group workshops and individual coaching.

- HY-Plug has had the support of the Director of Maritime Affairs

of Maritime Affairs of Monaco, Armelle Roudaut-Lafon, and by a stroke of fate, she is also Six-Fournaise and native of Le Brusc!"

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