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Tribune Côte d'Azur

The Tribune côte d'azur tells the story of our journey and our victory at the JCEM.

Thank you to the Tribune côte d'azur for putting the spotlight on us.

HY-Plug navigates green waters

BLUETECH. The Côte d'Azur start-up won the 27th edition of the business creation competition organised by Monaco's Junior Chamber of Commerce.

"As the saying goes, "To the well-born, value does not lie in years", and HY-Plug confirms this day after day. A consultancy specialising in the energy transition, this ambitious young start-up, barely a year and a half old, is tackling the difficult task of supporting the maritime sector. Like the automotive industry, this sector is undergoing radical change - forced change, some would say, because time is running out... In 2016, according to Le Monde, there were 245,000km2 of dead zones in the oceans, with oxygen levels so low as to suffocate wildlife. The equivalent of a territory like the United Kingdom.

Focus on the energy transition

Led by Camille Lopez, the company targets yachts and pleasure boats, helping them to find the offer best suited to their needs through consultancy and research. Technology watch, market research and benchmarking on hydrogen and electric generators and motors, biofuels and bioethanols: these are the strengths of this nugget moored in Six-Fours-les-Plages (83). "We do the same thing for ports, but concentrate on mobile or fixed refuelling stations. In addition to the user side, we also work for suppliers," says the entrepreneur, who has studied at the International University of Monaco, and more specifically at its Yacht Club, where HY-Plug regularly goes to deliver a three- to four-hour non-qualifying course on the fundamentals of the energy transition as part of the Belle Classe Academy.

By acting as a link between the various players in the ecosystem, and thanks to its tailor-made offering, HY-Plug has become a trusted interface for players in the maritime sector. Selected to join the cross-border acceleration programme.

Marittimo Tech+, the start-up is taking part in the Yachting Ventures incubation programme. It has already signed a number of partnerships, including with the Port of Saint-Tropez, Hynova and Société Monégasque de l'Electricité et du Gaz (SMEG). "For the time being, we haven't yet had the time to prospect internationally. I'll be travelling to Dubai in March, then to Palma de Mallorca and Portugal to meet potential customers," says the captain with a well thought-out navigation plan. After recruiting its first office manager at the beginning of December, HY-Plug is due to take on a business developer in February and then open its Monegasque office. "It will deal exclusively with yachting, while the French company will handle the port market," concludes Camille Lopez.


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