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CCI Var : HY-Plug is making its mark

Updated: May 25, 2023

Following last year's letter of support, the CCI du Var is now communicating about the company.

After the JCE Monaco prize, this was an opportunity to discuss the progress of HY-Plug.

Thank you to the CCI du Var for this article which summarises our history and discusses our future projects.

Thank you to Mr Gay Philippe for putting it online and to Mr Olivier Stephan for the interview.

"The young entrepreneur Camille Lopez is multiplying her successes and awards, and is gradually establishing her company HY-Plug as a key player in the maritime energy transition.

She is only 25 years old, but she has created HY-Plug, a startup that intends to revolutionize the world of yachting by offering engine manufacturers and yacht builders environmentally friendly solutions based on new technologies related to hydrogen, electricity and biofuels.

Camille Lopez, who works from Six-Fours on the Mediterranean coast, is one of them. Her young company, HY-Plug, offers its clients a wide range of services, from technology watch to the analysis of solutions available on the market, to help them achieve their energy transition. HY-Plug's business model is not based on a business referral system," explains Camille Lopez. We sell advice by providing our customers with the solution that we believe is best suited to their needs, based on the technologies available and the initial specifications. The young entrepreneur, an expert in motorization and carburetion systems, is committed to a daily monitoring of a fast-changing technological environment.

Soon a company in Monaco

Among its first clients, HY-Plug counts SMEG (Société monégasque de l'électricité et du gaz), which manages the distribution, production and supply of energy throughout Monaco, as well as Hynova, a brand of hydrogen-powered boats based in La Ciotat. Camille Lopez is also in discussion with several ports along the Mediterranean coast that wish to equip themselves with hydrogen supply stations.

The young entrepreneur also has her eye on the Principality of Monaco - where she completed part of her studies - which has long been committed to responsible and sustainable yachting. At the last Monaco Yacht Show in September, she participated as an exhibitor, partner and speaker - to address the subject of H2 regulations in yachting. And at the beginning of December, she won the Government Prize at the Young Economic Chamber of Monaco's Trophies, meeting with a real public success with her presentation pitch. This prize, endowed with 40,000 euros, will allow Camille Lopez to further develop HY-Plug.

Already, the startup is anticipating its growth with the recruitment of an office manager a few weeks ago, and the arrival of a business developer in the first weeks of 2023.

CCI support

Camille Lopez, president and founder of HY-Plug, received support from the Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry as part of the European Marittimo Tech Plus Interreg Italia-Francia Marittimo project, which helped her accelerate her development and expand her network. Camille Lopez was able to take part in the SMAU trade show in Milan last October, a leading event in Italy for innovation and start-ups."

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