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The technologies & energies we study :


electricity, HY-Plug France


We support you with consulting services for sustainable maritime solutions.

We start with your idea, draw up a customized specification and look for solutions to meet your needs.

Bio-fuel, HY-Plug France


Bio-méthanol, HY-Plug France


  • Market research

  • Market watch 

  • Benchmark

Our core business :         


Would you like to work with us on your next project?


Our process


First meeting

  • Discover your company

  • Presentation of HY-Plug and its services

  • Collaboration proposal

  • Customer feedback

  • Agreement or cessation of exchanges

  • Drafting of a contract : 

       - Timing

       - Resources

       - Time required

       - Final report

Reaching agreement


Getting to know you 

  • Introducing your project

  • HY-Plug Check-up :

       - scope of action

       - greenwashing?

       - needs

       - feasibility

       - requests

  • Launch of the study

  • Benchmark

  • Intermediary point

  • Drafting of final report

  • Presentation of report and analysis

Study and report

We don't buy, sell or develop technologies. We analyze, study and advise.

Why us?

  • Do you have the beginnings of an idea or a wish but don't know where to look?

  • Do you already have an idea ? Do you know one or more people who have information, but not enough to go any further?


  • Do you already have contacts but would like support throughout your project?

Recognize yourself ?

Then HY-Plug can help !

We'd be delighted to talk with you.

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We enable you to benefit from our international network of over 1 300 experts and suppliers, as well as from the superior speed of information provided by our trusted relationships.

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A tailor-made project

We don't sell you a technology or an energy, we help you find the most suitable one.

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HY-Plug is working alongside current industry players to offer a sustainable alternative solution that meets these criteria.

  • HY-Plug will help you draw up the specifications for your project, including technical features, constraints, obligations, wishes and so on.


  • At the end of the study, we provide you with a file containing all the data collected, compared and analyzed. A presentation of the chosen solution is also given.


  • We work alongside naval architects, yacht designers, shipyards and builders to provide them with the data they need to make the right decisions.

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Our values

The three points of honor are :

  • Independence of suppliers: we study and advise on their technologies, but we are not their salespeople.

  • Impartiality: technologies can be selected and recommended to our customers if, and only if, they correspond in every respect to their project.

  • Trust and confidentiality: our files and the information contained and exchanged are strictly confidential. We establish a relationship of trust with both market players and our customers. 

HY-plug's mission is to help connect the right players in the maritime energy transition by bringing end-users and suppliers closer together through its consulting services.


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Willingness, sympathy, determination, expertise and respect for the environment are HY-Plug's guiding principles.

Our fields of action

Ports & marinas, HY-Plug France

Ports & marinas

Regulatory, HY-Plug France


Suppliers, HY-Plug France


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