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For a customised solution :

Did you know ?

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We can help you find and understand the legislation applicable to an innovative solution. Depending on the vessel and the solution you are looking for, there may be restrictions, constraints, distance... We'll help you see things more clearly!


For more advanced support, we can work with a law firm that will have full legal responsibility.

ZMEL/LEMZ : Light equipment mooring zone, 300 in France.


For ports : 


The regulations applicable to ports, depending on the energy used, can be complex.


HY-Plug can help you understand the applicable regulatory framework, depending on the solution you choose, within the limits of unregulated professions.


For fixed or mobile solutions, dockside or at sea, with hydrogen, electricity, bio-fuels or bio-methanol.


Some legislation needs to be updated to take account of new fuelling solutions, but a framework already exists and we can refer to it in certain cases.

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