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Ports & marinas

We can work on two aspects of a port :

  • Firstly, the refuelling station

  • And secondly, the energy production itself

We are looking for refuelling stations :

  • Electric charging station

  • H2 distribution station

  • refuelling with bio-fuels or bio-methanol

These solutions can be mobile or fixed.

We are also looking for the means of production :

  • Energy supplier

  • Energy producer

End-user studies

  • Research and interviews on innovations in the industry

  • Analysis of market trends

  • Overall study or by catchment area

Image - eau (ils nous soutiennent).png

In which cases ?

Public contract

In view of the environmental objectives set worldwide, port entities are increasingly coming forward to adapt to the energy transition.


This can take the form of market studies on possible energies and technical solutions on the quayside, or technical pre-studies for the dimensioning of a hydrogen, electric, bio-fuel or bio-methanol solution.


Adapting to the energy transition

The chicken-and-egg challenge is always on everyone's lips when the subject of bunkering comes up.


Several brands are producing ships for delivery in the coming months and years, requiring new bunkering infrastructures.


We can support you with a study of industry trends based on the location of your port or marina, the size and type of vessels and the technical constraints of the port.

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