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Retrouvez les entreprises et organismes qui nous font confiance avec les études réalisées par HY-Plug Monaco.

Discover the studies carried out by HY-Plug on behalf of our customers who have placed their trust in us.

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Logo SMEG, HY-Plug France

Société monégasque de l’électricité et du gaz.


This file is confidential.

Logo Hynova, HY-Plug France

Brand of boats with electro-hydrogen propulsion.


Our customer challenge

The HYNOVA shipyard undertook the construction of a hydrogen-powered vessel, and carried out 12 refuelling operations in 12 Côte d'Azur ports. Following this initiative, the yard expressed the need to understand the appropriate standards and measures governing the distribution of hydrogen gas.

  • In-depth reading and detailed analysis of current regulations, such as the national and local RPM (port and maritime regulations) and the ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).

  • Exhaustive analysis of the documents provided by the 12 ports concerned.

  • Systematic comparison of information extracted from port documents with
    the provisions of the regulations in force. Also careful reading of the energy
    supplier's safety data sheet.




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Customer satisfaction


Our analyses revealed significant discrepancies between the regulatory measures in force and the specific needs of our customer, the HYNOVA shipyard, with regard to hydrogen refuelling. We identified inadequacies, particularly in terms of safety distance, schedule, frequency and packaging.

This methodical approach has enabled us to gain an in-depth understanding of the rules and standards applicable to hydrogen refuelling in French ports.

As a result, we have developed tailor-made recommendations to ensure the safe and efficient implementation of hydrogen operations.

The client received a comprehensive, written final deliverable, as well as a practical guide for ports including the main key elements to be checked.

Logo absolut hydrogen, HY-Plug France

Company specialising in liquid hydrogen storage.

Our customer challenge

Absolut Hydrogen, a supplier of liquid hydrogen storage solutions (LH2), has investigated the potential of the French market for the integration of liquid hydrogen for maritime applications.


  • Comprehensive list of shipyards, shipowners, naval architects and integrators in France.

  • Preparation of an explanatory document on the use and storage of liquid hydrogen in collaboration with our customer, designed to explain how it works to the people interviewed.

  • The challenges: tank size, weight, cryogenic temperature, vaporiser, boil-off management, etc.

  • Design of a questionnaire to determine whether the people we spoke to had already studied liquid hydrogen, and the advantages and disadvantages identified.

  • Making contact and conducting personalised interviews.

  • Drafting of a summary report for the client.


We have carried out an in-depth analysis of liquid hydrogen technologies in the maritime industry over the next five years. This analysis includes identifying the types of vessels likely to use liquid hydrogen as a form of hydrogen gas storage. In addition, we have gathered the concerns and requirements of different companies regarding its use.

The aim of these deliverables is to help Absolut Hydrogen position itself on the French market for the integration of liquid hydrogen in the maritime sector. The client benefited from two meetings (initial and final) as well as a file written to consolidate our conclusions and recommendations.

Absolut Hydrogen
Logo port de saint-tropez, HY-Plug France

Our customer challenge

The Port of Saint-Tropez is planning future works and wishes to anticipate the needs linked to the energy transition in the yachting industry.

Fishing and yachting harbour on the Côte d'Azur


  • Exhaustive list of boat brands present in the port of Saint-Tropez.

  • Compilation of an international list of yachting companies.

  • Careful screening to specifically target port-related companies.

  • Personalised interviews with shipyards, both for vessels with permanent
    berths in the port and for those calling in.

  • Gaining in-depth insights into the needs, preferences and expectations of
    different business units.

  • Additional research into market trends.

  • Use of this data as a solid basis for formulating recommendations on the
    energy transition.




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La satisfaction de notre client


We have drawn up a detailed analysis for the next five years, including the use of energies such as hydrogen, electricity, biofuel and bio-methanol on board yachts and the associated production volumes. We also provided recommendations on the fuelling of yachts.

These deliverables are designed to guide the Port of Saint-Tropez in its energy transition, offering concrete, verified answers.

The client benefited from two meetings (intermediate and final) as well as a written dossier.

Port de Saint-Tropez
Logo Green Systems Automotives, HY-Plug France

Flex-fuel kit for use with biofuels.

As part of their development in the yachting sector, we worked with them on the Monegasque yachting market.

Golfe de Saint-Tropez
Logo Golfe de Saint-Tropez, HY-Plug France

Tourist promotion agency for the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Our customer challenge

The Communauté de Commune du Golfe de Saint-Tropez (CCGST) requires a pre-sizing study for a hydrogen gas distribution station for maritime use in one of the Gulf's ports.

HY-Plug was awarded the contract under a call for projects.


  • Selection of the port with the best technical capabilities.

  • Location of the available area meeting the required technical criteria.

  • Pre-sizing based on hydrogen gas consumption requirements.

  • Regulatory research and safety standards.

  • Search for suppliers to assess lead times and costs.

  • Development of a business model.


We carried out an in-depth analysis of potential areas for a hydrogen station. We assessed storage capacities, access conditions, water development requirements and environmental conditions, while taking into account current regulations.

This study enabled our customer to understand all the parameters required to set up an H2 distribution station in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez for maritime use. The client benefited from three meetings (initial, intermediate and final) as well as a folder, providing a clear and detailed vision for their decision-making.

Logo Ephyra, HY-Plug France

Inventor of first green hydrogen-powered nautical ecosystem.

Hydrogen gas fuelling solution including Hynova vessels.

Like their innovation, we support them in some of their regulatory issues.


Italy's benchmark shipyard for yachtsmen

This file is confidential.

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