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Our studies

Retrouvez les entreprises et organismes qui nous font confiance avec les études réalisées par HY-Plug Monaco.

Discover the studies carried out by HY-Plug on behalf of our customers who have placed their trust in us.

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            They trust us

Logo SMEG, HY-Plug France

Société monégasque de l’électricité et du gaz.


This file is confidential.

Logo Hynova, HY-Plug France

Brand of boats with electro-hydrogen propulsion.

Support in understanding the regulations in force for their case of mobile hydrogen bunkering in the form of compressed gas in ports with their demonstrator vessel.

Logo absolut hydrogen, HY-Plug France

Company specialising in liquid hydrogen storage.


This market study targets potential users of LH2 solutions on the following types of vessel in France: 

  • Passenger-carrying launches

  • CTV

  • Inland waters

Absolut Hydrogen
Logo port de saint-tropez, HY-Plug France

Fishing and yachting harbour on the Côte d'Azur.


This study consists in analyzing the energy projections used on board yachts for the next 5 years, and proposing related fuelling solutions. The study mainly covers hydrogen, electric and methanol energies.

Port de Saint-Tropez
Logo Green Systems Automotives, HY-Plug France

Flex-fuel kit for use with biofuels.

As part of their development in the yachting sector, we worked with them on the Monegasque yachting market.

Logo Golfe de Saint-Tropez, HY-Plug France

Tourist promotion agency for the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

This public procurement contract is a pre-study for the installation of a hydrogen dispenser in the Gulf of St Tropez. On this project, we are working with two subcontractors for the risk study and economic modeling.

Golfe de Saint-Tropez
Logo Ephyra, HY-Plug France

Inventor of first green hydrogen-powered nautical ecosystem.

Hydrogen gas fuelling solution including Hynova vessels.

Like their innovation, we support them in some of their regulatory issues.

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Discover the awards won by HY-Plug and the Labels we belong to!

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