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La Gazette de Monaco

Updated: May 25, 2023

" When asked last September, Camille Lopez already confided that she had submitted the application to compete for the JCEM Trophies. "

For the second time, it is an honor to appear in La Gazette de Monaco, with an article written by Delia Kriel again.

Thanking you for this article!

"Hy-Plug, winner of the government prize at the JCEM Trophies

The founder of Hy-Plug, who studied at the International University of Monaco, Camille Lopez, won this award given within the framework of the 27th business creation competition (CCE). The competition took place during the fourth evening of the Trophies of the Junior Economic Chamber of Monaco (JCEM), organized on December 1st.

Interviewed last September, Camille Lopez already confided that she had submitted the file to compete for the JCEM Trophies. Her pitch was a real success. A year and a half after launching her consulting firm in France with the aim of changing the way ships are powered in order to reduce their environmental impact, the young entrepreneur has become the winner of the 27th CCE. Jean Castellini, government advisor to the Minister of Finance and Economy, presented the young entrepreneur with the award, along with Melanie Dupuy, president of the JCEM. She also received an endowment of 40,000 euros.

This aid will enable her "to set up a second company in Monaco earlier than planned", at the beginning of 2023. This award also represents "further confirmation that Hy-Plug has its place in the yachting and environmental industry. It's very heartwarming, because we feel that we are going in the right direction. Finally, it is clearly a business card to be established in the Principality, since it brings credibility and recognition. Camille Lopez specifies that a distinction will be made between the start-up installed in the territory, oriented towards the yachting world, and the one already existing in France, oriented towards the ports and suppliers.

Prizes for Akimba and Seaside Juicery

Other awards were also presented. The start-up Akimba received the JCEM prize. Led by Serena Benedetti Roy, this company, which is incubated at MonacoTech, "develops and distributes women's underwear that prevents sweat stains from appearing on clothing". Finally, the Athos partner's "coup de coeur" prize was awarded to Seaside Juicery, a project by Jonathan Aristhène which "provides fresh cold-pressed juices, smoothies, milks and 100% plant-based and organic foods, all with the aim of maintaining a work ethic and being part of a sustainable approach". Finally, the jury's "Coup de Coeur" prize, created this year, was awarded to Valentin Giannini and his start-up Monaco Green Box."

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