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A look back at the designer yachts and innovations at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022!

At the heart of the Monaco Yacht Show 2022, an exciting conference showcased exhibitors from the Yacht Design hub and Innovation Hub, where HY-Plug was proudly presented. In a recent article in the SuperYacht Times, these innovative companies were highlighted, revealing the latest advances and trends in superyachts.

Let yourself be transported by the discovery of these revolutionary companies, as described by the SuperYacht Times. Immerse yourself in the world of designer yachts and the innovative technologies that are redefining the maritime luxury industry.

But that's not all, the SuperYacht Times has done us the honour of dedicating a page to us on their website and we'd like to thank them for that.

"Everything you missed at the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub at MYS 2022

This year, the Monaco Yacht Show's Yacht Design and Innovation Hub showcased the work of designers from around the world and showcased innovative design and sustainable development solutions. Launched last year, and now expanded to incorporate the Design Gallery into a single exhibition space, designers showcased their latest designs and work on the Virage Louis Chiron quayside in collaboration with the Water Revolution Foundation and SuperYacht Times. Here's everything you might have missed from this year's event:


GoodFuels, the global developer and supplier of biofuels, kicked off the first conference of this year's event. Led by Lana Sissing, Business Development Manager, GoodFuels explained how yacht owners can start to reduce their emissions. The company is dedicated to offering viable alternatives to fossil fuels and informed attendees about the benefits of MD1 for yachts.

VBH (Van Berge Henegouwen)

VBH CEO Jeroen Van den Hurk spoke about the company's new 'invisible technology', which allows interior design to take precedence over the visibility of technology. The company specialises in integrating luxury technologies into superyachts by seeking innovative design solutions. During the conference, VBH talked about new technologies such as a magical user interface and intelligent control systems. "People don't use a product because it's well designed, but because it helps them use it," concluded Jeroen Van den Hurk.

Diana Yacht Design

The Diana Yacht Design team wowed the audience with a presentation on artificial intelligence in yacht design. The presentation was led by Casper Marelis and Nick Hoedjes, who spoke about concept yachts such as the 77-metre superyacht Project Kaizen. The name itself is based on 'kaizen', or 'change for the better': the Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement.

Architecture et design des yachts Sinot

Award-winning Dutch design studio Sinot has unveiled the concept for the 129.6 metre superyacht Poetry. The refreshing new design focuses on the owner's point of view, offering ultimate privacy with her own deck, while overcoming traditions in yacht design. Poetry will also be equipped with hydrogen-powered electric engines.

Frers Yacht Design

Germán Mani Frers, from Frers Yacht Design, gave an overview of yacht design and how it can help to reduce the overall impact on the environment. Germán Mani Frers discussed how a refined shape can reduce drag, and gave a closer look at Royal Huisman's 85-metre New World Sloop. Frers Yacht Design is responsible for the design and engineering, with the project committed to using sustainable recycled materials or simple low-impact materials to reduce its environmental impact.

De Basto Yacht Design

Designer Luiz Basto unveiled more details of the 41-metre steel explorer superyacht Amer 41 to the public. He highlighted the innovative shape of its hull, as well as a new advanced propulsion system, which aims to significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions, while ensuring silence and comfort for guests on board. The yacht will also be equipped with a new evolutionary system for launching and retrieving tenders quickly and safely.

Argo Navis

Serbia-based marine specialist Argo Navis spoke about the "art of progressive novelty" and how it embodies its approach to work. The presentation covered everything from ownership to chartering, and showcased the team's current portfolio, as well as its latest 10.5 metre custom Limo Tender.


Camille Lopez, President & Founder of HY-Plug, and Chloé Zaïed, CEO and Founder of HYNOVA and Managing Director of EPHYRA, were on hand to discuss regulations relating to sustainable boating and green technologies. The duo explained the legal regulatory framework for gaseous hydrogen refuelling in ports, drawing on feedback from experience.

Lateral Naval Architects

At the presentation, Lateral Naval Architects explained the energy transition and yacht design and helped to demystify the truth, lies and statistics on the subject. They also launched their technical platform, Free From Bulkheads (FFB), which aims to reduce constraints and advance the development of modern yachts.


Giles Truscott, Sales Director, addressed the crowd about sustainable underwater lighting solutions. Giles spoke about Explore E8 and E9 lights, the world's first underwater lights to achieve sustainable verification from the Water Revolution Foundation. Attendees were also briefed on the incredible journey of the tilted optics aboard the 84.04 metre superyacht Echo White Rabbit.

EoDev (Energy Observer Developments)

Laurent Perignon, expert en navigation de plaisance chez EoDev, a parlé des avantages, des inconvénients, des limites et des opportunités du passage à l'hydrogène dans le secteur de la navigation de plaisance. Son intervention a porté sur les émissions zéro et la navigation silencieuse, ainsi que sur les stations de recharge mobiles et l'hybridation électrogène-hydrogène des yachts.


Drew Boor, the international producer of Hempel coatings, spoke about the steps being taken to ensure the sustainability of superyachts. The presentation included information on Hempaguard, the fuel-efficient hull coating that uses Actiguard silicone and hydrogel technology with controlled biocide release. The company also received the Water Revolution Foundation certificate at the Monaco Yacht Show Sustainability Hub for its antifouling coating, Hempaguard X7.

Victory- Total Design

The Victory Design team took the opportunity to present the Bolide range to the world, with the first yacht being the 24.9-metre Bolide 80. The shipyard describes the Bolide 80 as the first 'Hyper Muscle Yacht' (HMY) and sees it as a lightweight, cutting-edge yacht with high performance and unprecedented comfort on board.

Espen Øino International

Renowned designer Espen Øino of Espen Øino International took a relaxed approach with the audience to talk about investing in yacht ownership. He shared his ideas and personal experiences of sustainability and design, explaining how we can reduce the emissions produced by superyachts.

Fondation Water Revolution

Robert Van Tol, Director of the Water Revolution Foundation, explained life cycle analysis as applied to yachting. The presentation highlighted the importance of yacht design, construction, operation and refurbishment and how we can develop tools that will enable builders and suppliers to make tangible differences to their collective footprint."

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