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A Success Story from the Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge

In 2021, Camille Lopez, founder of HY-Plug, won the MOPC. After being a candidate, she is now helping companies to bring their project to the MOPC so that they too can win.

The Prince Albert II Foundation recently shared a Success Story highlighting the positive impact of HY-Plug. This publication was also relayed by the Oceanographic Institute in its press release.


Camille Lopez, winner of the MOPC 2021, has founded the company HY-Plug. HY-Plug supports companies, ports and boat owners with consulting services on sustainable maritime solutions. HY-Plug works with alternative energy sources such as hydrogen, electricity, biofuels and bio-methanol. Camille Lopez talks about her experience: "The Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge has helped to legitimise the HY-Plug concept in June 2021 right from the start. By focusing on the environmental impact on seas and oceans, this competition gives the company a certain credibility and access to a network. So, after the Mark Challenge awards, and following the MOPC victory, both in 2021, I entered and won another prize: the Jeune Chambre Économique de Monaco business start-up competition, on 1 December 2022. I took part in the Monaco Blue Initiative 2022, which gave me a cross-disciplinary knowledge of projects and companies contributing to the protection of the seas and oceans. This year, I was again present at the Ocean Innovators Platform during Monaco Ocean Week and it was rewarding to discover new innovations and extend my network. Thanks to the work I've been doing since February 2021 and all these initiatives, in 2023 I'll be setting up my second company in Monaco for the same activity, but specialising in yachting - a dream come true!""

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