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Le "Sustainability Hub" au Monaco Yacht Show

As the Monaco Yacht Show prepares to celebrate its 31st edition, is unveiling one of this year's flagship initiatives: the Sustainability Hub.

In collaboration with the Water Revolution Foundation, this hub brings together specialists and start-ups dedicated to sustainable yachting. Their aim? To develop practical solutions to reduce the environmental impact of yachts.

For its first edition, the Sustainability Hub will welcome HY-Plug as a partner and exhibitor.

Find out more about this innovative space and its implications in this article, an immersion at the heart of the yachting sector's environmental challenges.

"What to Expect at Monaco Yacht Show’s Brand-New Sustainability Hub

As the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) welcomes its 31st edition, the emphasis on a greener superyacht sector is now more prevalent than ever, and what better location to showcase the efforts of an increasingly sustainable industry than at one of the world’s most esteemed yacht shows. Join us in the run-up to the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show, as we delve into all areas of the show’s brand-new Sustainability Hub.

With sustainable solutions and eco-conscious alternatives paramount to creating a greener superyacht industry, it seems only fitting that one of the most prestigious yacht shows in the world is now presenting a platform for this crucial topic. 

As the industry’s efforts in sustainable investment increases year on year, driven by a new, eco-conscious generation of superyacht owners, charterers and clientele, it became a clear decision for the MYS to shine a light on those that are working to make a difference. And so the Sustainability Hub was launched. 

Dedicated to the research and development of sustainable solutions in yachting, the Sustainability Hub is set to showcase a range of companies that are all working to revolutionise the sustainable credentials of superyachts.

Created in an effort to contribute to the show’s pro-environmental initiative and Carbon Neutral programme which was first introduced in 2005, the Hub has plenty to offer. Primarily, it will raise awareness of environmental issues within the yachting community, as well as offer visitors a better understanding of the greener side of superyacht ownership and charter. 

Despite being a brand-new area, the impressive addition is certainly not uncommon ground for the show. This year, MYS continues its support for the environmental protection initiatives of its very own Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, alongside the industry-created non-profit foundations, Blue Marine Foundation and the Water Revolution Foundation. 

Organisers of the MYS have worked in close collaboration with the Water Revolution Foundation to carefully select companies eligible for the Hub: shining a light on those specialising in reducing the environmental footprint of a superyacht. Find a comprehensive list of the confirmed exhibitors at the Sustainability Hub below. 


Established in 1993, Ecostore leads the way in environmentally sustainable cleaning and personal care products. Named by consumers as ‘New Zealand’s most sustainable brand’ five years in a row, Ecostore offers a range of cleaning, laundry, body, oral and skincare products made from plant and mineral-based ingredients and supplied directly to superyachts. 


A global agile and flexible technology group working to strengthen society through forward-looking innovations. Founded in 1849, the family-owned Freudenberg Group boasts 50,000+ employees worldwide, each one an expert in leading technological products, services and solutions. Notably, Freudenberg is currently working with leading shipyard Lürssen Yachts to develop fuel cell systems for superyachts. The first system which is currently under development, is showing evidence of allowing a vessel to spend over 15 days at anchor or cruise for over 1,000 miles, with zero emissions.  


Hempaguard X7 is a sustainable boat coating that works to create a brighter future with sustainable coating solutions at the forefront. Protecting, enhancing and making a range of superyachts shine with their biocide-free coatings and products, Hempel offers customers more than 100 years of experience in making your yachts, ‘look sharp and be more environmentally friendly’. The company’s industry-leading silicone-based hull coating has notably had the Water Revolution Foundation stamp of approval: recognised as a sustainable solution providing maximum energy efficiency, keeping hulls clean, and significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 


A consulting firm in the marine energy transition, Hy-Plug prides itself in not selling customers a technology or energy, but helping you find the most suitable one. Through establishing the specifications, technicalities and constraints of your project, Hy-Plug works with naval architects, designers and shipyards to source the best sustainable solutions for you.


The global leader in underwater LED lighting, Ocean LED is the first company to have successfully achieved an independently verified accreditation as a sustainable solutions provider for underwater lighting. Recognised for starting the marine LED revolution in 2005, the company offers innovative technologies that are, ‘Light. Years Ahead.’, dedicated to creating unique, environmentally conscious marine solutions. 


A company developing and industrialising sustainable, reliable, and affordable hydrogen-based energy solutions, EODev (Energy Observer Developments) works to revolutionise the yachting industry with its zero-emission goal. Founded in 2019 as a result of the unique experience achieved onboard the first clean energy self-sufficient hydrogen vessel, ‘Energy Observer’, EODev offers, ‘sustainable, reliable, efficient and affordable industrial solutions’.


Italian-based company Flexon is transforming the sail market. Producing high-performance membranes and composites that can be used in a wide variety of industries, Flexon has recently launched a new sail membrane perfect for sailing superyachts named 4T Forte, which provides the utmost durability and strength at a lower sail weight. 


GoodFuels is a pioneer. As a global market leader in sustainable biofuels, GoodFuels’ goal is to create a greener world by accelerating the energy transition in transportation with sustainable biofuels. Helping you decide your climate goals, GoodFuels works closely with technology developers, research institutes and universities to bring innovative solutions to life: developing high-quality, sustainable, scalable and affordable biofuels.


Hynova showcases a new era of yachting with its hydrogen-powered yachts. Its first yacht prototype, Hynova 40, has been developed in collaboration with EODev, and is the first vessel to be equipped with an electric engine that is powered by the new generation Toyota fuel cells. With extensive marine industry experience, the company ensures that the yacht will only eject sea water and emit zero CO2. 


Lanéva Boats is an icon of zero-emission luxury yachting developed in the heart of Monaco. Incorporating technological innovations with eye-catching, sleek design, Lanéva create 100% electric day boats/tenders, that are just as powerful as their sleek lines. Not only electric, Lanéva boats are made from FSC-approved natural wood, and flax and volcanic fibres. Onboard, they feature flooring made from sustainably harvested cork oak bark, and upholstery crafted from the best French imitation leather. 


OceanR offers a range of sustainable products and services aimed at inspiring and enabling those within the yachting community, and those further afield, to live a more eco-conscious life. With their custom activewear and specialised collections made from sustainable and ethical fibres such as recycled polyester and organic cotton, consumers can feel stylish whilst being environmentally aware.  


Mechanical engineer SKF Marine develops and innovates marine products, services and solutions with reliable, intelligent and clean characteristics at its heart. Built on the, ‘development, design, and manufacture of critical systems’, SKF solutions enable yacht operations to run smoothly and sustainably. 


An incredible sustainability pioneer, Water Revolution Foundation is a recognised non-profit organisation developed from within the superyacht industry. Created to take the lead in neutralising its ecological footprint and preserving the world's oceans, the Foundation works with a large number of superyacht shipyards to decrease their environmental impact and increase the awareness of protecting the world’s oceans. 

Ultimately, the Sustainability Hub is an incubator for companies offering innovative or tried-and-tested eco-friendly solutions, whilst also being the perfect platform for budding start-ups working on sustainable alternatives. 

The Sustainability Hub is expected to be one of MYS’s most exciting and impressive developments of 2022, and will take pride of place in the heart of Port Hercule, located in the central, 200m² Darse Sud exhibition tent. It will be open daily from 10am to 6:30pm."

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