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Monte-Carlo SBM focuses on HY-Plug

It's with great pleasure that we share with you this article from La Société des Bains de Mer, retracing our history.

Thank you for this superb article!

"Camille Lopez: at the forefront of sustainable yachting

With HY-plug, her consulting firm focusing on green technologies and energies in the maritime sector, young entrepreneur Camille Lopez is setting her sights on the energy transition.

Camille Lopez, an ambitious entrepreneur

Camille Lopez may have grown up in the South of France, but it was in Monaco that the entrepreneur of today came into her own. After studying international business and spending a year in London perfecting her English, she enrolled at the IUM (International University of Monaco). "One of my dreams! The Principality's cultural diversity, international dimension and vision of entrepreneurship have always attracted me. I have the impression that here, when it comes to creativity and professional ambition, anything is possible. After applying for a Master 2 at the IUM, I was lucky enough to be accepted and to receive a merit-based scholarship," she confides.

Camille Lopez won first prize in the Business Creation Competition organized by the Jeune Chambre Économique de Monaco. An endowment of 40,000 euros was presented to the Hy-Plug founder by Mélanie Dupuy, President of JCEM 2022, and Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and the Economy.

A multi-award-winning business plan

One day, the student hears about the Mark Challenge, a business plan competition organized by the IUM. Driven by a strong competitive spirit, she immediately wanted to take part. "That's when the basic concept of HY-Plug was born. It brings together my interests: engines, boats, new technologies and environmental values. I've been going out to sea with my father since I was very young, and I've always been aware of the importance of acting in an eco-responsible way." Camille therefore drew up an initial business plan: "The idea was to provide a consultancy service, to support innovative projects in the harbour world, but also, more broadly, in the yachting industry. And I was honored to win the Sustainability Special Award and the Yachting Special Award for the 2021 edition. Galvanized by these awards, she applied the same year for the Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge (MOPC) of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco: "This competition rewards the best business plan presenting new concepts and economic models with a positive and measurable environmental impact on the ocean". She won in the Student category.

A very promising start

Faced with the enthusiasm generated by her project, Camille will set up her company in France in May 2021. But before approaching customers, she focused on the market, suppliers and technologies. "I wanted to understand everything, to master my subject to perfection so that I could provide concrete answers during my prospecting." So she takes part in yacht shows, conferences and other events focusing on biofuels, green energies, new technologies... "That's what makes us so strong. That's our strength: we're up to date on all these sectors. And we become a link between them," she emphasizes. In January 2022, Camille was finally knocking on the doors of companies likely to benefit from her services. "My very first customer was SMEG Monaco", says the young woman with a smile on her face.

« Right from the start, I received incredible support from Monegasque institutions and players in the yachting industry. »

HY-Plug wins over Monaco

As determined as ever, Camille decided to defend her concept once again in front of the jury of the Business Creation Competition, organized by the Jeune Chambre économique de Monaco. Once again, she takes first place, winning the Prix du Gouvernement! "My ambition has always been to establish HY-Plug in Monaco. This prize and its 40,000 euro endowment allow me to speed things up. I plan to use this money to finance my travels, invest in a marketing strategy and eventually develop a team." The French entity will not disappear, however: "HY-Plug France will act on the port aspect, while HY-Plug Monaco will be dedicated to the yachting industry". Camille Lopez is convinced: the future of yachting will be resolutely "green"."

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