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Updated: May 25, 2023

Politecnico di milano - Workshop 2022: Hydrogen propulsion and the future of yachting

An interesting workshop was organized on the 9th of april 2022 at Politecnico di milano, in italy.

Filippo Ceragioli took the opportunity to present HY-Plug during his talk, and we are thanksful for this.

Read the article below ⬇️

"Politecnico di Milano Workshop 2022: Hydrogen propulsion and the future of yachting

Last month saw the Politecnico di Milano organise a seminar on hydrogen propulsion for pleasure and large boats at the POLIMI Campus in Bovisa, Italy. The first edition of the workshop, titled “Nautical and Hydrogen”, discussed potential challenges for the future of green propulsion with industry professionals.

The day’s events opened with the American organisation, Parley for the Oceans, whose speaker Filippo Ceragioli, strongly emphasised the need for shipowners to be the first to invest in technologies aimed at respecting the oceans. Parley for Oceans introduced Camille Lopez, the founder of HY-PLUG, a consulting firm that specialises in the marine energy transition with the company providing market studies for yachts and ports to help them implement new technologies and durable energies onboard.

Lorenzo Pollicardo the Technical and Environmental Director for the Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss) was up next to address regulatory context and the environmental impact on the market. Pollicardo concluded his speech by stating that today more than ever it is necessary to invest in research and technology in order to anticipate international regulatory requests with their own proposals.

Also in attendance was designer Lucio Micheletti of the Micheletti + Partners studio, who spoke about the intervention and responsibility of design, as well as Arianna Bionda the Coordinator of the E-SHyIPS - FCH JU project for the design of hydrogen-based ships. The morning session concluded with Paolo Oliveri of H2Boat, who presented the projects he is working on; including their 52-metre yacht design equipped with hydrogen systems for both the hotel and naval parts for the Baglietto shipyard, whose launch is scheduled for 2024.

The second part of the workshop included the presence of some shipyards directly involved in both technological research and market demands. Barbara Amerio of Amer Yachts communicated her desire to experiment with new biodiesel fuels. While Federico Rossi, COO of Rossinavi shared with those present the request of his customers for ship projects with high environmental impact reduction profiles and illustrated their performances.

The event concluded with Jacopo Maggi representing Persico Marine, the Luna Rossa shipyard who brought attention to the regulation of the next Americas Cup. These regulations state that boats must now be designed and built with hydrogen engines. Jacopo Maggi closed the speech by sharing how far the research for the development of that type of boat is still far from the final project, taking as an example the optimisations necessary to reach the 50 knots required with this new type of boat."

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