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Updated: May 25, 2023

After the Monaco Yacht Show 2022, Var-Matin honored us by writing an article on HY-Plug in its Le Mag Eco section.

Thanks to Catherine Henaff for her time and writing this article!

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"The Six-Fournaise Hy-Plug puts green in the engine of boats

At 25 years old, the Six-Fournaise Camille Lopez has succeeded in imposing her company Hy-Plug on the international scene of the maritime energy transition.

The idea

There was a little girl who had sailed a lot, a lot. And she dreamed that the sea would become clean again. When she grew up, Camille Lopez created Hy-Plug in Six-Fours, a startup that wants to revolutionize the world of pleasure boating by helping shipbuilders move towards biodiversity-friendly motorization.

The service

Hy-Plug provides expertise to the maritime industry. A customer wants to build an environmentally friendly boat? The startup will work with the shipyard, the architects, the engineers to find the best sustainable technological option to make the ship move forward.

Camille Lopez is an expert in engine and fuel systems. She is also an expert in green energy. And when she doesn't know, she turns to other experts in a network she has meticulously orchestrated. "I don't make any sales. I sell advice. I bring the customer the most suitable solution for their project and direct them to the most qualified supplier to carry it out."

The added value

Camille Lopez has values. And she doesn't compromise. "I don't want to be equated with greenwashing. I want real clean. Grey hydrogen doesn't make sense. If it's just to say we're putting hydrogen in, no."

Hy-Plug's other virtue is that it does not take a commission from the suppliers it advises. "I work for my client and only for them. In yachting, everything is à la carte. For a yacht that is going to cost several million, I find the product that fits the project. I can't imagine being commissioned."

The goal

In its first year of existence, Hy-Plug has landed three big contracts: with SMEG (Monaco's electricity and gas company) and Hynova, the La Ciotat-based brand of hydrogen-powered production boats. The third contract (the name is still confidential) consists of a market analysis for the transport of passengers on board a boat powered by liquid hydrogen.

Camille Lopez hopes to double this figure by the end of the year and is studying the installation of a second Hy-Plug in Monaco for 2023.

The investment

A computer. Pure brainpower. Time. Boldness. And a lot of perseverance. That's all it took for the founder of Hy-Plug to open the very closed circle of yachting in the Principality. Camille Lopez now provides two training sessions per month at the Yacht Club of Monaco. More than her investment, her secret oar is her story.

The course

When she was three months old, Camille Lopez was rocked by the waves, aboard her father's pointu, in Le Brusc. It is him who taught her everything about mechanics. Passionate about horses, she became a rider and raced in the French endurance championships on the back of the Arabian thoroughbred that grew up with her. Her other hobbies, motor sports, led her to the world circuits. Her studies brought her to the University of Monaco.

After graduating with a Master's degree in International Management, she launched Hy-Plug and received several awards: two awards at the Mark Challenge 2021 in Monaco, which opened up the Yachting Ventures program (incubator for startups in the yachting world), and the first student prize at the Monaco Oceanographic Protection Challenge. It was selected to join the cross-border Marritimo Tech program. Since its creation, it has been supported by the Director of Maritime Affairs of Monaco, Armelle Roudaut-Lafon."

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